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Steps to Configure the Local Backup SD Card Storage on Arlo Go Camera

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Steps to Configure the Local Backup SD Card Storage on Arlo Go Camera

This is true that you can store all the video clips that are captured by your Arlo camera devices to a remote cloud location but if you want to store your video clips to cloud and SD card then you will need to mount the SD card with your device. you can easily remove the SD from your Arlo Go camera device and then you can watch all your recordings to your laptop computer. That means, all your recordings will be stored at two different locations that will be your SD card and the remote cloud storage location.

Here are the Steps to Configure the SD Card to your Netgear Arlo Camera Device

  • From the back side of your camera device you will need to remove the battery for your device.
  • There you will find the option for inserting the SD card for your device so make sure to insert the SD card very carefully.

  • Again insert the batteries to your device and provide power supply to your devices.
  • Now, you will need to access the Netgear Arlo camera login page using Arlo app or http:// arlo.netgear.com web address.

  • Fill the Arlo login user name and password for your devices and go for the next step.
  • Go for the “My Devices” option under “Settings” tab.
  • There you can select the Arlo camera device for which you want to manage the settings for your device.
  • Click on the option “Local Storage” from the storage options.
  • You can also delete the files that are stored at your Arlo camera SD card. Select option “Format SD Card” option and you can delete the files that are stored at your SD card.
  • You can also select the option “Automatic Overwrite” so your camera device will automatically over write the old video clips if the memory if full for your camera device.

These are the simple steps to handle the SD card settings for your Arlo camera device. you can also visit the blog page and have more knowledge for netgear arlo login arlo web login my arlo login netgear arlo app arlo app for android arlo app for pc arlo camera app arlo netgear app arlo baby netgear arlo baby arlo baby camera arlo baby monitor

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